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Предстоящие мероприятия

Предстоящие мероприятия

11th Baltic Stratigraphical Conference

It is our pleasure to announce that the 11th Baltic Stratigraphic Conference will take place on 24–27 August, 2020 in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
The conference will be held by A.P. Karpinsky Russian Geological Research Institute (VSEGEI).

If you wish to propose a special session, organize a workshop, or a committee meeting during the conference, please let us know by 10th of November, 2019.
All topics related to geology and stratigraphy of the Baltic region and adjacent areas are welcome.
Depending on the number of participants and presentations, different sessions will be organized.

Preliminary topics are:
• Regional stratigraphical schemes
• Lithostratigraphy
• Biostratigraphy
• Event stratigraphy
• Sequence stratigraphy
• Chemostratigraphy and isotope stratigraphy
• Palaeontology and biodiversification
• Palaeoecology, palaeogeography, and palaeoclimate reconstructions
• Quaternary geology
• Geoheritage
• History of Geological Science
• Museums and Natural Science collections

Abstracts of oral and poster presentations

Abstract volume will be published before the beginning of the conference.
The length of abstracts is limited to two A4 pages, 1.5 spaced, 12 pt Arial, with 2.5 cm margins, including references and figures.
Further details will be given in the first circular.

Registration and important deadlines

If you are interested in participation, please return the preliminary registration form via e-mail before 10th of November, 2019 to Irina Evdokimova (Irina_Evdokimova@vsegei.ru).

Registration fee:

Early registration fee (to be paid until July 15, 2020) 150 EUR
Late registration fee (from July 16, 2020) 170 EUR
Student fee 70 EUR
Conference Dinner 30 EUR

Important deadlines:

 November 10, 2019  Preliminary registration
 November 10, 2019  Deadline for proposals for Session/Workshop/Business meetings
 February 15, 2020  First circular
 July 15, 2020  Deadline for early registration fee payment
 May 20, 2020  Deadline for submission of abstracts
 August 1, 2020  Second circular with detailed programme

Field trips

Pre- and post-conference field trips are planned:
A. Lower Palaeozoic of the Leningrad Region;
B. Devonian of the Pskov and Novgorod regions;
C. Carboniferous of the Novgorod Region.

Further details will be given in the first circular

Contact persons

Irina Evdokimova (Irina_Evdokimova@vsegei.ru)
Tatiana Tolmacheva (Tatiana_Tolmacheva@vsegei.ru)
Alexander Ivanov (IvanovA-Paleo@yandex.ru)

Looking forward to seeing you in St. Petersburg!

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