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A.A. BAYRAMOV (ASOIU, Azerbaijan)

Gold­sulphide disseminated mineralization of the Gadir deposit (Lesser Caucasus, Azerbaijan)

The Gadir gold-­sulfide deposit is located in the northwestern part of the Gedabek deposit in the Yogundag epithermal system. Ore-­bearing strata are represented by Middle Jurassic volcanic and volcanic­-sedimentary rocks formed under conditions of basalt-­andesite-­dacite­-rhyolite volcanism formation. Mineralogy, gold mine­ralization, and metal content in the Gadir deposit have been investigated during ongoing studies to determine geological setting, temporal and spatial relationships with specific mineral assemblages and associations. Mine­ralogy of ore bodies is mainly characterzed by pyrite, chalcopyrite, sphalerite, galena, magnetite, and native gold. Native gold was recorded in chalcopyrite that is probably related to the second stage of ore deposition.
Keywords: native gold, mineralization stages, Gadir, Gedabek.