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Regional Geology and Metallogeny
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V.A. VINOGRADOV (VNIIOkeangeologia)

Basite and granite age and structural relationships in the intrusion of the Tulai-­Kiryak Rise, Southeast Taimyr

The structure of the Tulai­-Kiryak sheet-­like intrusion of Southeast Taimyr is considered. The stark difference in the structure of the western and eastern flanks of the intrusion with complete pinching out of basite in the eastern part is shown. The intrusive genesis of quartz porphyry, which invaded the fault zone separating Permian and Triassic deposits, is substantiated. It was concluded that the age of basite (Permian, pre­orogenic) of the Tulai­-Kiryak intrusion differs from that of alaskite granite (Late Triassic, late­orogenic). Fragments of alaskite granite in the eruptive breccia dyke located 1000 to 1200 m lower in the section from the Tulai-­Kiryak intrusion suggests their deep source, not related to this intrusion. Abundant graphite in quartz porphyry and the roof of alaskite granite is noted.
Keywords: Taimyr Peninsula, alaskite granite, basite, quartz porphyry, graphite, eruptive breccia.