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Unique Geological Landmarks
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Unique Geological Landmarks

Unique Geological Landmarks

The main purpose of the study is to develop a system of conservation of unique geological objects that are a part of the world geological heritage (cartographic accounting, monitoring of the state, and determination of the educational potential) in the course of ongoing regional studies of the geological structure of Russia.

As a result of these works, our specialists developed the Russian first-ever Data Retrieval System «Geological Landmarks of Russia», which includes: information on the objects that were granted “unique geological object status” and objects that were resubmitted for the status granting; descriptions of objects with various geological specializations; multilevel data retrieval system consisting of cartographic and tabular parts.

On the basis of available information, VSEGEI compiled the GIS map “Geological Landmarks of Russia”, which contains information on objects of various types (stratigraphic, mineralogical, geomorphologic, hydrogeological, petrographic, historical mining and geological, paleontological), their status (approved and submitted for approval), and rank (federal, regional, local), etc.

Volcano Crater Lake, Kamchatka Stone pillars, Pechoro-Ilychsky nature reserve