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Rosnedra and VSEGEI participation in international projects: Past – Present – Future 
О.Petrov, E. Kiselev, А. Morozov

In the footsteps of Murchison: British geologists in the Urals  
Professor Richard Herrington, Head of Earth Sciences, NHM London

25 years of NHM - VSEGEI cooperation  
R. Seltmann, R. Herrington, A. Dolgopolova (NHM), O. Petrov, S. Sergeev & V. Shatov (VSEGEI)

Uniquely preserved vent fauna in massive sulfide deposits of the Urals palaeocean: a world-class natural laboratory for study  
Richard Herrington and Valeriy Maslennikov (UB RAS)

Porphyry Cu(Mo,Au) deposits of the Urals as sources of critical metals  
Olga Plotinskaya IGEM RAS, Moscow; Anatoly I. Grabezhev IGG UB RAS, Yekaterinburg; Vera Abramova IGEM RAS, Moscow; Reimar Seltmann & John Spratt NHM

New advances in U-Pb SHRIMP dating  
Nikolay Rodionov, Sergeev S, Shevchenko S, Belyatsky B, Williams IS (VSEGEI)

Tectonic evolution of the Tien Shan revisited  
Georgie Biske (St.Petersburg State University), Dmitriy Konopelko (St.Petersburg State University), Reimar Seltmann (NHM, CERCAMS)

A geotraverse across two paleo-subduction zones in Tien Shan, Tajikistan  
D. Konopelko, St. Petersburg State University; A. Dolgopolova, Natural History Museum, Centre for Russian and Central EurAsian Mineral Studies; R. Seltmann, Natural History Museum, Centre for Russian and Central EurAsian Mineral Studies

Rare earth mineralization related to alkaline rocks and carbonatites  
Anatoly N. Zaitsev, St. Petersburg State University, Russia, Natural History Museum, London

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