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Ministry of Natural Resources
and Ecology
of the Russian Federation


Federal Agency
of Mineral Resources


Chief of the Department – Professor of geology and mineralogy, PhD Sergei V. Sokolov
Tel.: +7 (812) 328-92-42

The staff of the department – 19 people, including two professors and 9 doctors of geology and mineralogy.

The department represents a structural division of FGUP “VSEGEI” and operates in accordance with regulations of a federal state unitary enterprise. The department activity is regulated by the current legislation, regulations, orders of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology, Federal Agency for Subsoil Use and FGUP “VSEGEI”.

The following groups of researchers work at the department:

  • regional geochemical mapping and prospecting group (Responsible Executive – Dr. Gennadiy M. Belyaev);

  • group of hydrogeology and hydrogeochemistry study (Head – Dr. Vladimir V. Petrov);

  • group of isotope-geochemical investigations (Responsible Executive – Dr. Kreshimir N. Malich);

  • group of the geological heritage study (Responsible Executive – Dr. Marina V. Vdovets).

Main directions of geochemical investigations

I. Regional geochemical mapping at scales: 1:200 000, 1:1 000 000 and smaller

II. Geochemical prospecting at 1:50 000 scale and larger

III. Methodological support of regional geochemical and prospecting explorations, development of guidance documents

IV. Isotopic-geochemical studies

V. Hydrogeological and hydrogeochemical studies

VI. Research in the field of the geological heritage

Organization of work

Regional Geochemistry Department organizes and participates in carrying out of industrial works as well as research in the above-mentioned directions.

Activities of the department is carried out under government contracts as well as contracts with private companies (“Petropavlovsk” PLC, “Norilsk Nickel” Group, GPP-“Geological Company”, “Pechengageologia”, etc.) and in the framework of RFBR (Russian Foundation for Basic Research).

Implementation and use of the work results is carried out by the following way:

  • Compilation of accounting documents and transfer them to a client;

  • Compilation of guidelines and recommendations. Five methodical documents have been compiled for over the last decade. New innovative production technology of geochemical works in various landscape environments of Russia, as well as interpretations of prognostic-geochemical information and its laboratory support are considered in the documents, namely:

    • Interim requirements to the geochemical maps as a part of GIS Atlas of various geological maps of the Far East Federal Region at 1:500 000 scale (2002).

    • Interim methodical instructions on carrying out of geochemical prospecting in covered and semi-covered areas (2005).

    • Recommendations on geochemical explorations in the areas of glacial formations development (2005).

    • Guidance on the leading geochemical explorations after the leakage fluxes (2007).

    • Interim requirements to the geochemical prospecting in covered and semi-covered areas (2007).

  • preparation of publications (articles, collected articles, monographs) ;

  • registration of patents for inventions (patent number 2330259 of 27.07.2008 "geochemical method of prospecting");

  • participation in national and international conferences.

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tel +7 812 321-5706, e-mail: