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Ministry of Natural Resources
and Ecology
of the Russian Federation


Federal Agency
of Mineral Resources


Director of the Center – Snezhko Victor Viktorovich
Tel.: +7 (812) 328-91-84  Fax: +7 (812) 321-30-00

Total staffing of Center is made by 37 persons, including 2 Ph.D. in GeoScience and 1 Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences.

Center has following structure:

  • Department of branch informational systems and database
  • Department of semantic and methodical maintenance
  • Department of program-and-technological support
  • Education-and-advisory center on geoinformational technologies (Authorized GIS-Center)
  • Department of LCN (local computer network) technical support:
    • Sector of LCN administration;
    • Sector of LCN technical maintenance;
    • Sector of printing and scanning.
  • Sector of VSEGEI Internet-site support

Center of information technologies on regional geology and metallogeny is structural subdivision of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise «A.P.Karpinsky Russian Geological Research Institute» (FGUP «VSEGEI»).

Center is operating according to Federal Constitutional Laws, Federal Laws, Acts of the President of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Russian Federation, Regulatory Legal Acts of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation, Orders and Guidance documents of the Federal Agency of Mineral Resources, FGUP «VSEGEI» and Statutes about the Center.

The purpose of activity of Center is development and practical implementation of information technologies for research activity, regional geology-geophysical studies and geological survey.

Center principal directions of activity and tasks are:

  • Technology software, regulatory affairs and methodological support and maintenance of works on creating and unifying of branch importance information systems;
  • Coordination and current monitoring the creating of information systems, database has carried out by FGUP “VSEGEI”;
  • Creating and phasing in of FGUP ‘VSEGEI” unifying information analysis system providing an effective using of the digital materials, containing geological and other information about bowels of the Earth;
  • Management of the infrastructure of local computer network of FGUP ‘VSEGEI” (LCN), maintenance service of the computer park and office equipment, introduction and development of network integration with branches of FGUP "VSEGEI", Federal Agency of Mineral Resources and contractor organizations. Preparation of offers on modernization and an effective using of the complex of hardware-software means of FGUP "VSEGEI ";
  • The organization and carrying out of educational and consulting activity on information technologies;
  • The organization and carrying out of working meetings on technologies of creating and maintaining of the branch information systems.

Center functions:

For tasks in hand Center carries out following:

  • Development of the regulatory and procedural (technical) documents regulating creation, using and evolving the branch information systems and database;
  • Methodological framework, coordination and the technological control of works over creation of information systems and database of the geological content within FGUP «VSEGEI»;
  • Information support of works of the Research and Editorial Board functioning at FGUP «VSEGEI»;
  • Development of word-lexical base for formation and maintaining database of the geological content;
  • Development of computer technologies for drawing, editing and the issue of the geological content maps;
  • Development, creation and maintaining of united information-analysis system within FGUP "VSEGEI";
  • Creation and support the cartographical Internet servers for providing of access to the available cartographical information for wide range of concerned persons;
  • Administrating and maintenance support of FGUP ‘VSEGEI’ Local computer network;
  • Training course for usage of geoinformation systems for mapping and creating of specialized database, training of FGUP ‘VSEGEI’ employees to the basics of computer network usage.

Centre activity organizing:

Center of information technologies on regional geology and metallogeny operates on creation and development of branch information systems (including maintenance, updating and development of the State digital geological information base) within the limits of the State contracts in co-operative with other Divisions of Institute.

Center operation on local computer network administration of Institute and, internal and external information portals support is carried out within the limits of annual programs of development of Institute.

Center renders consulting services and runs specialized courses on use of geographical information systems within the terms of the enterprises, organizations and private person agreements.

Reports presented at the International Conferences by staff members of Centre:

tel +7 812 321-5706, e-mail: