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Ministry of Natural Resources
and Ecology
of the Russian Federation


Federal Agency
of Mineral Resources

CIR structure:
  • Administrative Group
  • Division of Technical Support
  • Division of Informatics and Methods
  • Division of Sample Preparation
  • Division of Microscopy
  • Division of Chemistry
  • Division of Mass Spectrometry
  • Group of scholars and consultants and Training station (in St.Petersburg State University and St.Petersburg Mining Academy: Special department)





CIR targets:

Provision of applications of innovative isotope and geochemical technologies to the practical activity of organizations which belong to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Russian Academy of Science, as well as private companies.

Development of new methods of natural objects isotope dating.

Development of new highly effective isotope and geochemical criteria for the predictive analysis of the Russian territory on complex mineral resources.

Development of isotope methods applicable to ecological monitoring of the entire environment.

Creation of data sets on isotope and geochemical ore deposit characteristics and geological unit reference points.

Self-development of CIR as a scientific and analytical structure of the world level during creation and application of new methods of isotopic research and sample preparation.

Teaching isotope study methods undergraduate and Ph.D. students and graduate professionals of the MNR and other organizations.

Carrying out precise analytical investigations aimed at additional evaluation of complex mineral deposits on rare and low-Clark metals, including noble metals, as a basis for the development of technologies of co-products extraction and mineral deposit value increase.

Carrying out joint collaborative international projects.

Application of isotope methods for the solution of problems of non-geological character (science of materials, nuclear energy, biology, medicine, metrology, archeology and criminalistics).

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