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Ministry of Natural Resources
and Ecology
of the Russian Federation


Federal Agency
of Mineral Resources

High-resolution multi-collector secondary ion mass spectrometer (ion microprobe) (ASI, Australia). The CIR's instrument is the first commercially available SHRIMP-II with 5-collector system. The best sensitivity and finer depth resolution makes this instrument ideally suited to in situ studying fine-zoned minerals, like complex U- and Th-bearing geochronometers as well as for very fine scale depth profiling for REE and trace elements. Available for point S and O isotope determination. The minimum spot size is about 10 mm.






High-resolution 9-collector inductively coupled plasma (ICP) source mass-spectrometer NEPTUNE (ThermoFinniganMAT) with ion counting device, 7 regular and 2 high resolution Faraday cups and RPQ filter. This instrument is used for accurate isotopic study of elements that are difficult to ionize by thermal means.

High-resolution single-collector inductively coupled (ICP) plasma source mass-spectrometer ELEMENT2 (ThermoFinniganMAT) with magnet and electrostatic analyzers. This instrument is used for precise measurements of elemental and partially isotopic composition and fractionation in wide range of samples including organic matrix and also for ecological monitoring.

Laser ablation system, based on Lambda Physic COMPex excimer laser DUV 193, on integrated mobile platform that permits to adjust the system to both above-mentioned ICP instruments and perform REE and trace element analysis as well as geochronological dating in situ. The DUV 193 includes petrographic polarized microscope with transmitted and reflected and flood lighting. 80 J/cm2 of energy density and <10 to 300-micron very flat pits yields high spatial resolution for both micro-feature and bulk analysis. A long depth-of-focus enables inclusions to be excavated without changing spot size. Available for the entire spectrum of isotopic systems.

Multi-collector mass-spectrometer DELTAPlus-XL (ThermoFinnigan, Germany) for stable isotope analysis (H, C, N, O, S) with a gas chromatograph, Gas-Bench-II interface and an elemental analyzer. Main field of applications is stable isotope study in natural fluids, carbonates, sulfide minerals, gases, water and organic compounds (including oil).

Thermal ionization multi-collector mass-spectrometer TRITON TI (ThermoFinnigan, Germany) with filament outgassing and sample preheating systems, 21-sample barrel, ion counting device, 7 Faraday cups and RPQ filter. This instrument is ideal for high-precision isotopic measurements in both positive (e.g. U-Pb, Sm-Nd, Rb-Sr), and negative polarity (e.g. Re-Os).

Static vacuum high-precision mass-spectrometer Micromass NG-5400 (UK) for the analysis of small samples of noble gases (He, Ne, Ar, Kr and Xe). The instrument is equipped with a Daly detector system and Resistance Furnace Bench and allows carrying out noble-gas geochemistry and Ar and Xe geochronology.

QuantulusCT-1220 (Wallac, Finland) is a high-sensitive scintillation counter of alpha and beta rays. It is also available for radiocarbon age dating and for the determination of short-life isotopes (137Cs, 90Sr, 129I, tritium etc.). Essential for ecology monitoring.

Electron microsvope CamScan MX2500S

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